Parenting Through Divorce Educational Programs

Dissolution of Marriage/Child Custody is a major transition for all members of the family. These changes can bring anger, sadness, relief or guilt as well as legal and financial worries. This program will give you information about the process and how it may affect you and your children.

The 8-hour course includes information on:
  • The legal process
  • Child support
  • Conflict resolution
  • Personal safety
  • Impact of divorce on adults
  • Impact of divorce on children
  • Developing a parenting plan
  • Community resources
This course is offered for parents in Wright County & other Counties who:
  • Are filing for divorce
  • Are considering divorce
  • Are already divorced
  • Were never married
  • Are concerned about the impact of divorce on their children
  • Are professionals working with families in divorce
  • Are ending a relationship with children in common child custody issues
If you have questions call 763-295-4302.

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